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5 Tips for Stress-Free Unpacking After A Move

5 Tips for Stress-Free Unpacking After A Move

5 Tips For Stress-free Unpacking 

The moving trucks are gone, and you’re finally in your new home. You’ve successfully managed the home search, navigated the home-buying process, and packed and moved all your belongings. 

The hard part is over, right? Maybe for some, but for many of us, unpacking is one of the hardest (and most stressful!) parts of a move. No matter what your packing style was as you filled the boxes – haphazardly or with extreme organization – these unpacking tips will help you settle into your new space and quickly unpack your belongings.  

1. Put Boxes In Their Corresponding Rooms 

To simplify the unpacking process, place boxes into rooms or areas where they need to be unpacked. If you have boxes that don’t have assigned rooms, pick a spare bedroom or a designated corner to store boxes until you’re ready to organize them. This process can start as you unload boxes straight from the truck. (Hopefully, you have each box labeled!) 

2. Practice the ABC Method

Carlomagno uses a system known as the ABC method for distinguishing the urgency of unpacking each box. Group belongings and label them accordingly: 

  • A: These are essential items that are used every day – think coffee maker, toiletries, etc. 
  • B: These items aren’t used daily but must be within reach. For example, laundry items, certain dishes or cookware, etc. 
  • C: This category is reserved for occasional or seasonal items like holiday decor. 

This method helps you know which boxes take priority for unpacking and which can stay packed away a bit longer. 

3. Work on One Room at a Time 

Once the room is clean and the furniture is in place, you can start unpacking. The bathrooms, kitchen, and bedrooms are usually the most important rooms to tackle first. Try to take it slow and work on one area at a time. If you focus on the entire home, it’s much easier to find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Instead, set small goals and knock rooms off of your to-do list one by one. 

4. Don’t Bother With The Storage Unit 

Don’t get caught by the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality. Too often, storage units get filled with boxes you plan to unpack and never do. Of course, there can be rare exceptions, like a major downsize, but for most of us, a storage unit is unnecessary (not to mention a waste of money). Instead of moving unused fitness equipment or old clothes from one place to another, selling, donating, or trashing these belongings before you move is best. 

5. Know When To Ask For Help 

There is no shame in asking for help! Anyone who has been through a move knows what an undertaking the entire process is. And, if you have an incredibly organized friend, chances are they would love to help you out. Ask for help directly or take any help offered to you – having a friendly face around will not only help unpacking go faster, but it can also make the entire process more fun and less stressful. 

Get Moving With Counts Real Estate 

Moving into a new space is an exciting time, but it does come with challenges. Following these tips can help make unpacking after a move more manageable, but one of the most important things to remember is to give yourself grace and patience. Settling into your home will take some time, and that’s okay! 
Counts Real Estate is here to help with all the best moving and unpacking tips for your move-in and around Inlet Beach, Florida. Contact our experienced professional team to learn more about amazing homes for sale and start planning your next move.

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